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NH Residents have more in common than we don't


Practical Service for District 5 

I grew up in an atmosphere of socioeconomic diversity, had a positive public school experience, and thrived in a close knit family that emphasized the importance of love, education, work, achievement and service to others.   My college education focused on Economics and Biology, and left me with a lifelong interest in reading and learning in general.  I excelled at a medical school education at UVM that was self funded.   
My work experiences in manual and skilled labor gave me a better understanding of the realities of life, and a deep respect for the work of others.   My work as a physician has enhanced my sense of empathy for all people, and my respect for scientific process over the political process. 
Actions at any level of government should be based on rational thought and withstand some inquistion and unbiased analysis.  Is there proof that the proposed action will be successful?  What is the cost to the taxpayer and society in general?  What are the unintended consequences?  I would like to apply a more rigorous method to analysis and implementation of governmental actions. To do this we should take advantage of the grand federal experiment of 50 state laboratories, paying attention to current events and history. 


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District 5 Towns 
Canaan, New London, Dorchester, Enfield, Groton, Hanover, Lebanon, Cornish, Lyme, Grantham, Orford, Plainfield, Plymouth, Springfield, Wentworth


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