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John McIntyre, MD 

For NH State Senate 2022
Practical - Responsible - Worker

 NH residents have more in common than we don't 


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Contact potential voters door to door with a door card and some friendly discussion! 

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New Hampshire Residents have more in common than we don't.

 Core six:  Please read more on Platform page. 

1. Education and Citizenry:  A real education, including personal finance and civics, is key to a responsible citizenry.

2. Healthcare:  Price transparency and fierce competition for first party payers by insurance companies guarantees price and quality.

The US has the Best Healthcare available on earth.  People rarely leave for socialized medicine, yet many come here from other countries.

NH addressed legal abortion in the 2022 legislative session and I would continue to respectfully debate the issue as it evolves. Please read details on Platform Page. 

Patient and family protections: No patient should endure treatment without an advocate or be forced to die alone.

3. Economy:  America's success is based on the free market. Job and wage growth is greatest in states with economic freedom, lower taxes, and less bureaucratic regulation.

4. Government: NH's success is based on fiscal responsibility and its ability to attract employers compared to its neighbors.

Treat taxpayers money with care and respect to honor the individual sacrifice that it takes to make that money.

All levels of government should have term limits to make government more accountable to the voters.

5. Elections: We should all agree that free and fair elections and trust in the election system are the most important variables in preserving our nation's founding principles of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. 


6. Environment:  Promote responsible harvesting of energy at prices allowing our citizens to prosper while we sensibly promote cost-competitive cleaner energy based on available and advancing technology.

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